HomeFocusing is a deep yet practical approach that you can begin to use at home even after a short introductory experience: a workshop in which you become physically and emotionally acquainted with its qualities, underlying principles, and some practice.

HomeFocusing offers workshops for the general public and special trainings for experienced focusers.

Relationship workshops

For everyone

Relationship workshops

In our experiential workshops, we practice HomeFocusing in a group setting so that we can bring these practical skills home—to our interactions with our children, parents, life partners, friends and more. 
No prior experience in Focusing is required.

Among our workshops

HomeFocusing workshop for parents

An intimate and experiential workshop that applies the unique Focusing qualities of listening to ourselves as individuals and as parents, as well as to our children.

The workshop will provide you with tools for dealing with parenting challenges, bringing a new language to your family, and communicating in a way that enhances closeness and respect. You will learn to help your children to help themselves during difficulties and crises. In this workshop, we will engage with questions of boundaries, conflicts, and ways of being with our children without losing ourselves.

Other relationship workshops 

The workshops can be modified to suit specific audiences, such as a couples' workshops, or broadened to address general themes so that participants can work on a close relationship they would lke to explore and improve. Relationship workshops can also be customized for families, organizations, workplaces, and more.

HomeFocusing trainings

For experienced focusers

HomeFocusing trainings

HomeFocusing offers trainings for Focusing professionals, trainers and companions.

In the trainings, we will enhance the qualities of Focusing by applying them to relationships and by bringing in Systemic and Family Constellation work. This approach supports both your personal and professional processes.

The beneficial qualities of attention and inward listening that Focusing brings to our inner relationship and to Focusing partnerships can also be brought to our daily lives and interactions. We will find that Focusing does not necessarily require closing our eyes, and that it can be present in a conversation or other kinds of interactions. We will learn to make the language of Focusing accessible to those unfamiliar with Focusing, and to invite movement to occur in our surroundings as well as within ourselves.

The trainings will allow us to add depth to our process and tools to our work as therapists or as Focusing companions.

Our next workshop – 2 days HomeFocusing for Focusers

October 21-22, near Utrecht, the Netherlands

An experiential workshop and training for Focusers, exploring Focusing Oriented Relationships and the ways we can bring Fousing qualities home, to our closest and most challanging relationships.
The workshop will take place in the beautiful venue of Samaya.
Early bird discount till 15th of August.
Here are all the details.


All workshops and trainings are offered in English (or in Hebrew).

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