Focusing is a gentle listening inward to the body's knowledge with a wide, accepting attitude.
Focusing teaches us how to be with what is inside us, with a kind of attention that allows an organic movement to emerge from within.

HomeFocusing is a unique approach, referring not only to our internal system, but also to the systems of which we are a part. We want to apply the same healing qualities of Focusing to our relationships, especially those that are the closest and most challenging. By forming focusing-oriented relationships, we can reshape our ways of being with ourselves and with others.

Bringing HomeFocusing into our daily life and relationships, we enable change to happen both inside and out. You are welcome to read through this website and to contact us about workshops and trainings.

Join us on a wonderful journey!

Coming Home

About Annat and HomeFocusing

I am Annat, Focusing coordinator and Systemic and Family Constellations facilitator. The best gift I gave to myself was my studies in Focusing – a gift that continues to grow and deepen.

Focusing allowed me, for the first time, to have a close, beneficial relationship with everything inside me, and it taught me to listen inward as well as out.

The next step was taking Focusing home with me, to my daily life and family, which led me to develop a way to teach Focusing through a relationship-oriented approach.


Taking it home

workshops and trainings

HomeFocusing offers workshops and trainings for the general public and for experienced focusers.

In our experiential workshops, we practice HomeFocusing in a group setting in order to then take these practical skills home, to our interactions with our children, parents, friends, life partners, and more.

HomeFocusing also offers trainings for experienced focusers that enhance the qualities of Focusing by applying them to relationships and by combining Systemic and Family Constellation work. This approach supports both personal and professional processes.


Home reading

Annat's blog

Read about Focusing, Relationships, Parenting, Feelings, Inergenerational Transfer, Books and Movies, and more…


What is [Home] Focusing

HomeFocusing is opening an allowing environment in a relationship
When Mommy roars

When Mommy roars

I hate myself when I yell at my kids. An Intergenerational Focusing session with a lion
All Alone

All Alone

The hardest feeling is feeling alone. we need interaction, a different kind of interaction

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